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Small business owners, tradies and property investors. Do you need a good accountant but you’re not sure which one is right for you?

Finding an accountant isn’t hard – there are 26,000 accountants in Australia. But finding the right accountant – one who understands you and your business, one who is always available, one you can get to know personally – isn’t quite so easy.

Small business owners, tradies, SMSF owners and property investors. Do you want an accountant who;

  • Speaks plain English, not accounting jargon
  • Understands the pressures a small business or tradie faces these days
  • Knows the many complex tax, ASIC and SMSF regulations inside out
  • Understands the pitfalls, rules and regulations involved in property investment
  • Specialises in the things you care about
  • Helps you claim all the allowances and deductions you’re entitled to
  • Makes sure you don’t miss any ATO and ASIC deadlines so you avoid fines
  • Is always available when you need them – on the phone or face to face
  • Gets to know you personally
  • Does your work themselves and doesn’t ship it off overseas

At Duselis & Co Castle Hill we know it’s critical  to find the right accountant. Whether you’re a small business owner, a tradie, if you have a Self Managed Superannuation Fund or if you’re investing in property you’re putting something very important on the line – your hard earned money – so you need someone you can trust.

Paying too much tax, breaching tax and other regulations and coming to the attention of the ATO can all cost you lots of money and worry.

If you care about your money you need an accountant who understands you and who cares just as much as you do. At Duselis & Co we specialise in helping small businesses and tradies to look after their money, avoid paying too much tax and keep their noses clean.

Because a lot of our clients invest in property, either directly or through other structures, we focus on helping them with their property investments.

If you own a small business, if you’re a tradie or a sole trader or if you invest in property and you want to protect and grow your hard earned money call us now and ask how we can help you.

Small Business Accounting

Small Business

We have been helping small business in Castle Hill, the Hills District and surrounding areas to grow for almost 30 years. We understand the problems small businesses face and we know how to help you, so call us at Duselis & Co. accountants Castle Hill to find out how.



We can give you peace of mind with our accounting, auditing and other administration services to protect your savings and your future.

Trades & Services Accounting

Trades & Services

We’ve been helping tradies in Castle Hill, the Hills District and surrounding areas for years – so we know all the ins and outs of the problems that tradies face. Call us to discuss how we can help you focus on your business while we look after your accounting issues.

Property investors

You can become very wealthy investing in property – IF you know what you’re doing – but you can also lose money or reduce your profit if you don’t know all the tricks and traps. We specialise in helping property investors understand and take advantage of the many rules and regulations around property investing.

Call us now for a no obligation chat

If you own a small business, if you’re a tradie or if you invest in property call us now. We’ll discuss how you can have peace of mind that your money is safe, that you don’t pay too much tax and that you don’t get targeted by the ATO or ASIC for non-compliance.

What we do

We are a firm of Chartered Accountants* that specialises in four areas;

  • Small business
  • Tradies and service providers
  • Self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) audit, taxation and administration
  • Property investors

Because we we have many clients in those areas we know them inside out. Our focus is on saving you money, keeping your assets safe and helping you sleep soundly at night.

Specifically we can help with;

  • Financial advice
  • Taxation advice
  • Tax advice on set up of SMSFs, subject to you getting independent financial advice
  • Tax advice on superannuation rules and regulations
  • Compliance with complex tax rules and regulations
  • Keeping up to date with negative gearing, capital gains tax and other property related issues

* Why choose a Chartered Accountant?

Anyone can call themselves an accountant, but only a Chartered Accountant is:

  • a Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • trained for a minimum of six years to achieve the Chartered Accountant designation
  • required to undertake regular professional development training
  • bound by a code of ethics and required to adhere to professional standards
  • subject to CA Australia’s disciplinary procedures
  • subject to periodic review of their professional practices
  • eligible to obtain a Certificate of Public Practice to offer services to the public as a Chartered Accountant

Employing a Chartered Accountant means you are working with a skilled professional educated to the highest possible standards. It’s like going to the leading specialist in a hospital rather than a junior doctor. Your health is important and so is your money so you want the best.

Accountants Castle Hill location

Why choose us?

We believe your finances are very important. As a client you want to deal with an accountant you trust, who you can speak to any time and who you can meet face to face whenever you need to. Someone who will get to know you and your affairs and who you can get to know as a person.

Our goal is to help you maximise your savings, stay within the many complex tax and other rules and meet all your statutory regulations without any hassles and without wasting lots of time.

Put simply, we keep your records in order, keep you out of trouble and save you time and money.

The person doing your accounts will be a Chartered Accountant and you’ll be able to speak to them directly whenever you want.

And the person doing your audit is also a Chartered Accountant. They will help you fix any inadvertent breaches of the rules if they occur and will work with you, not against you.

Do you need sound accounting advice from someone you can trust?

Call Duselis & Co now to discuss your situation and how we can help you.